“The goal of any soccer player is to be on the field and stay on the field. ACL injuries are way too common in soccer. It’s important to do whatever you can to steer clear of all injuries – especially an ACL! If I didn’t know Julie’s past, and never saw the scars, I would have had no idea she’s gone through multiple ACL surgeries. She’s made it clear she knows what it takes to get right back to the strong, confident player she always was.” – Rachel Hill (Professional Soccer Player for the Orlando Pride)


“As someone who suffered two season-ending knee injuries which ultimately led to my early retirement from the Canadian National Team and competitive soccer altogether, I know firsthand the heartbreak ligament damage – and particularly ACL tears – can cause. I wish I knew more and had done more to reduce my risk of this type of injury, and have no doubt that Julie’s expertise and firsthand experience will help hundreds if not thousands of girls to continue pursuing their soccer dreams.” – Lexi Marton (Former Member of the Canadian National Women’s Soccer Team)


“As one of Julie’s former teammates, I’ve witnessed Julie’s passion for soccer and unparalleled work ethic first hand. She’s not only a fierce competitor and an ideal teammate, but also a true warrior with an inspiring story. While it was heartbreaking to see Julie suffer so many ACL tears, I knew she’d find a way to use her experiences as fuel to help others. Julie approaches all she does with the highest level of professionalism and excellence and I am thrilled to see Julie’s passions for soccer and helping others come to life with Just For Kicks.” – Maddy Evans (Former Professional Soccer Player for the Orlando Pride)


“I find it exciting that Dr. Hubbard is pursuing an ACL education and rehabilitation outreach program in the Boston area. When one considers the statistics (1/3000) athletes participating in sports will tear their ACL’s, with females reportedly 3 to 5x more likely to tear their ACL’s, Dr. Hubbard’s educational and outreach program can only help her patients not only reduce their risk of injury, but increase their skill level, ultimately elevating their game. Dr. Hubbard is an extremely personable, knowledgeable, experienced and committed individual. Having played at the Division I level through college and graduate school, unfortunately sustaining ACL injuries of her own, she couples her prior experience with her recently completed graduate degree in physical therapy to offer Bostonians a top flight experience that they are surely going to gain from. Wishing her, and her program, much success.” – Mark Lombardi, PT, DPT, ATC (Director of Rehabilitation, Coordinated Health at Scranton Orthopaedics)


“Julie was one of the most talented soccer players I have had the privilege of playing with throughout my entire soccer career. Her dedication and commitment to being the best while supporting those around her was second to none and I am confident that these characteristics will extend into her professional role. Julie is naturally compassionate and understanding and will always welcome a challenge with open arms. I will forever admire her courage to continually pursue her dream to play professional soccer even when the odds were against her, her bravery to go through the rehabilitation process multiple times, and I will always have the utmost respect for her selflessness in choosing to help prevent others experiencing college as an athlete the same way she did. I cannot recommend a more intelligent, honest or hardworking individual than Julie who really does deserve every success!” – Georgie Giddings (Professional Soccer Player for the Millwall Lionesses)


“Playing soccer since age seven, I have witnessed the impact ACL injuries have on individuals and teams. The best treatment is prevention. Throughout college, my team worked with our strength and conditioning coach to strengthen our bodies in order to prevent knee injuries; I have continued this work throughout my professional career. For those who have suffered from ACL injuries, it takes a lot of resilience and character to come back even stronger. I have witnessed Julie do this at UConn. Her fight and determination was unmatched, as she spent every day rehabbing and pushing her comfort zone to return to the pitch even fitter and stronger than before. I trust Julie Hubbard with prevention training and rehabilitation because I have witnessed first-hand the work she puts in to her own training and recovery. I know she could do the same for other athletes and individuals.” – Emily Armstrong (Professional Soccer Player for ÍBV, Iceland) 


“Nothing makes me prouder than seeing someone take a bad experience and transition that into something bigger and better.  Not only did Julie rise up and overcome injury, more than once, she is transitioning that understanding into trying to prevent others from the same experiences.  ACL injuries can be prevented. Not all, but some. Teaching movement quality and correct muscle activation patterns is something that gets lost in the dynamics of playing sports.  Taking the time to work on the previously mentioned characteristics, you will decrease lower extremity injury rates, but also become more effective in playing your sport, and see more strength gains.  Julie has real life experience but is also familiar and knowledgeable in the areas of rehabilitation, and functional sport activities.  She is a perfect candidate to help guide patients on their journey before, during or even after injury.” – Catie Dann, MS, ATC, CSCS (Assistant Athletic Trainer for the University of Connecticut Huskies)


“It’s a great idea to start something like this. By now, Julie must be one of the most experienced people to help young people and their parents to prevent an injury. I am very proud of her and what she is doing to give back to the game and guide young people with her expertise.” – Len Tsantiris (Second Winningest Coach in NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer History)


“A very strong shout out to FC Stars Metrowest and coach Shawn McDonough for increasing awareness about ACL injuries! This injury is physically and emotionally devastating and Dr. Julie Hubbard did a fantastic job educating FC Stars players and families. To top it off FC stars and Marathon physical therapy have given the girls an opportunity to participate in an ACL prevention program. These programs can reduce the rate of ACL injuries up to 50%! Our girls are all at very high risk so great job FC Stars at keeping our girls as safe as possible!” – Dr. Suzanne Miller (Orthopaedic Surgeon at Boston Sports and Shoulder Center; Assistant Clinical Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine)

“After enduring an LCL/ACL reconstruction and subsequent ACL revision in less than 5 years, I was worried that returning to my life as an athlete was going to be impossible.  I had been cleared to return to sport by my doctors, but I knew that the imbalances that I had in musculature and movement were only going to lead to a third surgery. I reached out to Julie for help and it has been the best decision I have ever made!  She is caring, detailed oriented, and most importantly – competent.  Prevention is the best medicine and she works hard to give you the proper dose!” – J. Martin, San Diego, CA (Online Remote Strength Training Client)